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"The most common means of obtaining a job was a letter or other "self-initiated contact" with the employer..."

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The Legal Authority Outplacement Program


Give your attorneys the most opportunities.
Making economic or strategic adjustments in personnel can be a tough decision for any firm. When you release an attorney due to poor economic conditions or performance, the result can be troubling not only for that attorney, but also for the rest of your firm, your partners, associates, staff, and personnel administration. The problems can multiply if the separation is not handled with care. Your job is never easy, but if you are successful in helping those you let go secure new employment, it will make the transition that much smoother. You will preserve your firm's image, both internally and externally, and you will help maintain productivity. It will also be psychologically and emotionally satisfying for those you let go, as well as for you, the firm's decision makers.

If you are dedicated to helping your former employees secure legal employment, you will want to give them access to the most opportunities for their careers.

Legal Authority is proven to find more jobs for attorneys than any other source.

With unparalleled candidate services and a continually updated, state-of-the-art employer database with more than 2,000,000 legal contacts, we can help your attorneys apply directly to every legal employer in the country, including major law firms, small and boutique firms, corporations, judges' offices, public interest organizations, public defenders' offices, prosecutors' offices, state and federal government agencies, and academic institutions. Legal Authority is the most successful service of its kind.

When taking on a new client, the first thing our Employment Advocates will do is conduct an in-depth analysis and discussion of the candidate's career to date and his or her accomplishments and goals. This is an especially critical step for candidates who have recently been laid off by their law firms. Losing a job can be one of the most difficult experiences an attorney will ever have to endure. The uncertainty that results often leads to frustration and panic, especially in trying economic times when legal jobs may not be in abundance. How a candidate reacts to these life changes is of vital importance. It's our job to help get him or her pointed in the right direction again.

We pride ourselves on the strong relationships we build with our candidates, and we work under each candidate's direction to help him or her succeed. To do this, we must get to know him/her and understand his/her needs. Candidates are interviewed at length to determine:

- Their strengths and how to capitalize on their values
- Their weaknesses and how to turn them into positive attributes
- Immediate goals
- Future goals
- Where the candidates should be working: their ideal job
- Intriguing career alternatives
- Salary expectations
- Which companies to target
- The scope of their job searches

What We Do
Legal Authority was designed with the job-seeker in mind, and we are constantly evolving to meet every challenge and to provide solutions in even the most difficult situations.

Simply put, we grant attorneys access to the largest legal-employer database in the world. When a candidate uses Legal Authority, he or she will be interviewed by one of our Attorney Employment Advocates, who will spend as long as it takes to understand exactly what that attorney is seeking in his or her legal career. We then perform extensive employer searches based on their specific criteria, needs, and objectives. From this, we will then develop a precisely researched market of employers that is targeted to the candidate's particular job search.

Legal Authority's professional writers will review and revise the candidate's resume and create a cover letter that is tailored specifically to their goals. Candidates work with the writer as a counselor and guide and expect to come up with a letter and resume that are perfect. We work with the candidate until he or she is absolutely satisfied.

After we have a final resume and cover letter, Legal Authority will prepare a package of resumes, cover letters, and envelopes, addressed to the precise and most relevant hiring contact person for each employer (no "To Whom It May Concern" or "Dear Hiring Partner"), with the candidate's return address and name on them. We will ship the package to the candidate, and all he or she has to do is sign and mail each letter.

We follow up with the candidate weekly to check on his or her progress. We will prepare additional letters at any time if the candidate is unsatisfied with his or her results.

A Targeted-Mail Campaign Works
According to the National Association of Law Placement, "The most common means for locating a position is through a letter or other 'self-initiated' contact with an employer." Legal Authority was founded on this very idea and, over the years, has proven again and again that it is the single most effective way for attorneys to find jobs.

In today's market, more than 85% of all available legal positions are never publicized. Attorney search firms fill less than 5% of all available positions. "Networking" is very limiting and therefore a much less effective way of finding highly sought after and unpublicized positions. Ads posted on job boards or in classified sections of newspapers or journals often draw in excess of 1,000 responses. Here, candidates are not competing in terms of character or experience, but in simple terms of chance. Out of the thousand-plus resumes received, how many will the employer actually review? How many will get lost in the shuffle? Candidates cannot afford to gamble when their careers are at stake.

The most efficient way to find these legal positions is through a large-scope targeted-mail campaign. Legal Authority is able to connect attorney candidates to legal employers in the fastest and most efficient way possible. We help candidates cover any market more efficiently, costeffectively, and in less time than any other resource.

Using the world's most sophisticated database of employers, we penetrate markets to give candidates the exposure to the employers they need. Finding a legal job is not a passive task. Jobs do not find candidates. Not in the form of a recruiter, not in the form of an advertisement. We actively market the candidates, so they can be sure they are doing all they can to find the best and most profitable opportunities available.

Research and Database
Our database contains more than 2,000,000 contacts. That's more legal employers than any other database in the world, and it is updated by the minute. It includes virtually every law firm or corporation that employs attorneys in the United States and abroad. Our team of more than 40 researchers ensures that our data is comprehensive and accurate. New firm and company contacts are added just as soon as they open their doors for business, and we closely monitor existing firms for changes in their internal organization and personnel. You won't find a more complete database of U.S. legal contacts anywhere, and candidates working with Legal Authority have full access to our unlimited search capabilities. Your attorney's next job is already in our database!

Make Legal Authority Your Outplacement Team
Every month we help hundreds of attorneys find jobs. What we do is a truly unique service to the legal profession. We have worked tirelessly to develop and maintain the tools and resources needed to make our service the single most effective way to find a legal job, period. No outplacement firm or recruiting firm can compete with our rate of success. We have specially designed our outplacement program to offer unlimited job search services for your attorney (something we do not offer individual Legal Authority candidates) at an extremely cost-effective rate.

The total cost of the Legal Authority Outplacement Program:
$3,000.00 per candidate.

For each candidate this includes:
- Unlimited consultation with his or her Employment Advocate
- Unlimited market and practice area analysis
- Professional resume and cover letter preparation
- Unlimited database searches
- Unlimited resume and letter production for targeted mailings
- Campaign monitoring and follow-up

We will work with candidates until he or she succeeds in finding a job! No other outplacement service can make this guarantee.

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What Our Clients Are Saying
Moving back to New York from Los Angeles to do entertainment law seemed like a pipe dream to me. Legal Authority helped me send out hundreds of letters, and I got two interviews and a great job with a...
- Mike S.

Just wanted to thank you for all your help. I found a great little firm where I'm much happier and I owe it all to you. This place is just the right size, not too small not too big, and the people are...
- Veronica

Got an interview and offer last night and other firms are still interested. I wish I'd known about Legal Authority sooner, because the work you do is nothing short of wonderful!
- Anne L.

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Legal Authority Outplacement Program
Give your attorneys the most opportunities.
Making economic or strategic adjustments in personnel can be a tough decision for any firm... MORE
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For Employers
Legal Authority's Comprehensive Employee Outplacement Program.
Give your attorneys the most opportunities. MORE
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