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Legal Authority Can Get You Your Next Law Firm Job

Are you looking for the perfect law firm position? Legal Authority's database contains the hiring contacts of practically every law firm in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Updated hundreds of times each day, the Legal Authority database contains thousands of firms not even listed in Martindale Hubbell, NALP, or other traditional sources. If you want to practice law in a law firm, we can help you get the job you want. In fact, every day of the week numerous attorneys throughout the United States get law firm jobs through Legal Authority. Legal Authority's law firm database literally gets thousands of attorneys and law students jobs inside law firms each year.

Precise, Current Data to Drive Your Career Forward

Most importantly, for each law firm in our database we have researched who the precise individual in charge of hiring is and our researchers verify this information at least once every four months - hiring information can change quite frequently inside law firms. The work we do on an ongoing basis in compiling and maintaining our law firm database provides you with a level of focus that daily enhances the lives and careers of attorneys all over the country.

Comprising hundreds of thousands of law firms, our database is a world all unto itself. Each day we make hundreds of inquiries and are literally working on our law firm database 24 hours a day. We have organized our information in a way that allows you to target firms with profound precision. We can locate law firms based on your practice area, combinations of practice areas, size, geographic locations - even a particular zip code, county, or street if you like.

Legal Authority Allows You to Approach Only the Law Firms Likely to Be Interested in You

Legal Authority's objective is to provide you with the ability to target only the firms that are most likely to be interested in you. For example, if you are a litigator you might be surprised to know that there are over 4,000 law firms doing litigation in certain counties of the United States. Certainly you would never want to apply to all these law firms. Nevertheless, by narrowing this list down based upon the size of the firm you want to work in, the area of the county you want to work in and the other practice areas you would like the firm to have you could come up with a highly targeted list. Accordingly, if you were a realtor before attending law school and are interested in real estate litigation you would likely target firms with real estate and litigation practices). Here, in a market with as many as 4,000 law firms doing litigation you might conceivably have the ability to target as little as 50 law firms. This nature of our database means that we permit you to contact only those firms likely to be most interested in you.

Case Studies

For many attorneys, the law firm path turns out to be an exceptional choice due to the wide variety of characteristics and firm cultures that are available. Law firms most often offer generous salaries and comfortable environments. Many attorneys practicing in law firms also find the work interesting and are satisfied with the challenges and successes. The hours can be demanding in some firms, but may be very relaxed or unimportant in others.

The fact is that by tailoring and customizing your approach to various law firms, you can ensure that you get the type of working conditions and job you want. We have outlined several case studies below. These illustrations prove our point that no matter where you are in your career, we can help you find the job you want.

Case Study: Fourth-year associate with an ''AmLaw 100'' law firm desiring to work in a smaller firm and get more trial experience
Kevin was a third year associate with one of the most prestigious firms in the United States practicing law in New York City. Despite having excellent credentials, the only positions any legal recruiter could tell him about were at other major law firms. Kevin was hoping to get more litigation experience and do trials. In addition, Kevin did not like the hours of his current firm and wanted to be in a more collegial environment. After having had several excellent years of training, he believed he was ready for the increased responsibility of a smaller firm.

Legal Authority: Solution
Legal Authority was able to identify over 250 law firms in New York City of fewer than 30 attorneys with litigation practices. Legal Authority assisted Kevin in creating a compelling cover letter and resume that explained his desire for increased responsibility and additional reasons he wanted to work in a smaller firm. Kevin ultimately chose to approach just over 200 firms. Kevin received over 20 interviews within two weeks of mailing his letters and accepted a position with a small-but high powered -securities litigation boutique in Manhattan. Although he was prepared to take a major salary cut to join a smaller firm, he actually ended up making close to what he made when working for a larger firm at the end of his first year with the securities firm. In addition, Kevin participated in two trials during his first year with the new firm. Kevin had actually never heard of the firm he accepted position with before he interviewed with them.

Case Study: Law student from first tier California law school desiring a position in either Chicago or Texas
Evan was law student attending a top law school in the University of California system. Evan had attended an Ivy League college (where he majored in Chemistry) and had enrolled in law school directly out of college. Evan was entering his second year of law school and was interested in working as a summer associate with a firm that did patent prosecution work in both Chicago (where he was from) and also Texas (where his father had moved after getting divorced). While approximately 15 law firms from Chicago interviewed at his school and another 10 or so did from Texas, most of these firms did not have patent prosecution practices. Evan did not believe that using his school's career services office was the best option due to the limited number of firms interviewing at his school for summer associates in the patent prosecution field.

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