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"The most common means of obtaining a job was a letter or other "self-initiated contact" with the employer..."

See Why Legal Authority is the Most Effective Way to Find a Legal Job

See Why Legal Authority is the Most Effective Way to Find a Legal Job

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Gets more job offers for attorneys and students than any other source? Yes   No
Helps hundreds of attorneys find jobs every week? Yes   No
Has a majority of representatives who are attorneys? Yes   No
Provides the largest database of legal employment opportunities in the world? Yes   No
Offers a one-time fee for lifetime membership? Yes   Maybe
Functions as a research company, not a job sales company? Yes   No
Prepares and sends targeted, self-initiated mailings to candidates to send out to employers? Yes   No
Puts you in control of your job search? Yes   No
Provides individual support and helps to develop an individual job-search strategy for you? Yes   No
Made just for you? Yes   No
Charges placement fees? No   Maybe
Uses an exclusive, members-only subscription that weeds out stray job surfers? Yes   Maybe


Legal Authority gets more job offers for attorneys and students than any other source.

Legal Authority has been proven to find more jobs for attorneys than any other source. With unparalleled candidate services and a continuously updated, state-of-the-art employer database with over 1,000,000 legal contacts, we can help attorneys and students apply directly to every legal employer in the country, including major law firms, small and boutique firms, corporations, judges' offices, public interest organizations, public defenders' offices, prosecutors' offices, state and federal government agencies, and academic institutions. Legal Authority was designed with the job seeker in mind, and we are constantly evolving to meet every challenge and to provide solutions in even the most difficult situations.

Simply put, we grant attorneys access to the largest legal employer database in the world. When a candidate uses Legal Authority, he or she will be interviewed by one of our Attorney Employment Advocates who will spend as long as it takes to understand exactly what he or she is seeking in his or her legal career. We then perform extensive employer searches based on the candidate's specific criteria, needs, and objectives. From this we develop a precisely researched market of employers that is directly targeted to the candidate's particular job search.

Legal Authority's professional writers then review and revise the candidate's resume and create cover letters that are tailored specifically for his or her goals. A candidate works with the given writer as a counselor, guide, and expert to come up with a letter and resume that are perfect. We work with all of our candidates until they are absolutely satisfied. After we have a final resume and cover letter, Legal Authority prepares a package of resumes, cover letters, and envelopes addressed precisely to the most relevant hiring contact person for each employer (no "To Whom It May Concern" or "Dear Hiring Partner" openings), with the candidate's return address and name on each envelope. We then ship this package to the candidate, and all he or she has to do is sign and mail each letter.

We follow up with candidates weekly to check on their progress, and we will prepare additional letters at any time if they are dissatisfied with their results. As you can see, we spend a lot of time and effort on and give a lot of individual attention to our clients. In our view, that's what allows us to be so successful at what we do. We take the time necessary to really get to know our clients and learn what their goals are. We use that information to match them with employers from our massive database and then draft application materials that are geared towards the employers' needs. What really differentiates us is the fact that we have our candidates initiate contact with employers. The applications are mailed to employers whether or not a job has been posted. In the legal community, this is a sure-fire recipe for success. After all, over 85% of jobs in the legal community are found through self-initiated contacts.

We help hundreds of attorneys find jobs each week.

Attorneys use Legal Authority because it works. We have assisted attorneys from virtually every law school in the nation and from small and large firms across the United States in getting their next positions. We have also assisted numerous general counsel for Fortune 500 corporations and smaller businesses, in addition to attorneys seeking in-house positions. Our service is quick, cost-effective, and it works. If there is a suitable attorney position that matches your interests, the odds are almost certain that we can put you in touch with the employer offering that position (or an employer that will make such a spot for you when they see your application). Many attorneys have tried other methods in their job searches for months or even years before contacting Legal Authority, only to quickly land the positions they have been seeking after contacting us.

The majority of our representatives are attorneys.

Legal Authority's Attorney Employment Advocates are primarily attorneys themselves. Our advocates are graduates of Harvard Law School, Columbia Law School, Washington University Law School, the University of Virginia Law School, Boston University Law School, Loyola Law School, Northwestern University, the University of Chicago, the University of California-Los Angeles, Claremont McKenna, Washington & Lee University, the University of Pennsylvania, Vanderbilt University, Georgetown University, the University of California-Berkeley, and many other top schools. Legal Authority employees have worked for some of the top law firms in the United States, including Skadden Arps Slate Meagher & Flom, Weil Gotshal & Manges, Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton, Dewey Ballantine, and many more. Everyone on the Legal Authority team brings a proven track record of achievement to your job search, and with that track record comes understanding unmatched by other employment service providers. Our Attorney Employment Advocates understand what it is like to be in your shoes and also understand what employers expect from you.


We have the largest database of legal employment opportunities in the world.

Legal Authority holds the title for the largest database of legal employment opportunities in the world. Our database contains over 1,000,000 contacts — that's more legal employers than any other database in the world. It was developed at a research cost of $1,000,000 and is updated in both the United States and abroad 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It includes virtually every law firm and corporation that employs attorneys in the United States and abroad. Our team of over 30 researchers ensures that our data is comprehensive and accurate. New firm and company contacts are added just as soon as they open their doors for business, and we closely monitor existing firms for changes in their internal organization and personnel. You won't find a more complete database of US legal contacts anywhere, and candidates working with Legal Authority have full access to our unlimited search capabilities. In all likelihood, your next job is already in our database!

We offer a one-time fee for lifetime membership.

At Legal Authority, once you become a member, you're always a member. A simple one-time fee grants you access to our extensive database throughout the entire duration of your career. What's more, you also get access to our Attorney Employment Advocates without any additional cost, no matter when you joined Legal Authority. We will always be there to help you throughout your entire legal career.

We are a research company, not a job sales company.

We are a research company, not a classified ad sales company. There is a massive difference between the two.

As researchers, we are not concerned with selling ads for employers. We are only judged based on our research ability. You might call us "bookish," but it is good to have us working on your behalf. We go out and research every single employer website that we can find. We do this in an "academic" sort of way, and we love what we do.

Our company is run by employment research analysts who are very good at researching, and because we are so good at researching, our site lists countless jobs that most of your peers do not know about. Our research exists for one reason: to get you a job.

In our opinion, the entire business model in the employment industry is skewed. Our competitors are not researchers. Instead, competitive job boards exist as organizations who sell job postings to employers — i.e., "pay us $300, and we will post your job on our site." This is not really a research-type of activity — it is more of a sales-type activity.

Working with a job board that is a sales organization and not a research organization is not something that does you a lot of good when you are looking for a job. You need to have access to jobs, and that's why your best chance for success will come from dealing with a research organization like Legal Authority.


We prepare and send targeted, self-initiated mailings to candidates to send out to employers.

According to the National Association of Law Placement, "The most common means for locating a position is through a letter or other 'self-initiated' contact with an employer." Legal Authority was founded on this very idea and over the years has proven again and again that it is the single most effective way for attorneys to find jobs.

In today's market, more than 85% of all available legal positions are never publicized. Attorney search firms fill less than 5% of all the available positions. "Networking" is very limiting and therefore a much less effective way of finding highly sought after and unpublicized positions. Ads posted on job boards or in classified sections of newspapers or journals often draw well over 1,400 responses. Here, candidates are not competing in terms of character or experience, but in simple terms of chance. Out of the thousand-plus resumes received, how many will the employer actually review? How many will simply get lost in the shuffle? Candidates cannot afford to gamble when their careers are at stake.

The most efficient way to find legal positions is through a large-scope targeted mailing campaign. Legal Authority is able to connect attorney candidates to legal employers in the fastest and most efficient way possible. We help candidates cover any market more efficiently, cost-effectively, and quickly than any other resource. Using the world's most sophisticated database of employers, we penetrate markets to give candidates exposure to the employers they need to contact. Finding a legal job is not a passive task — jobs do not find candidates. Not in the form of a recruiter, not in the form of an advertisement. We actively market the candidate, so that she can be sure she is doing all she can to find the best and most profitable opportunities available.

We put you in control of your job search.

If you use Legal Authority, you can rest assured that you're taking the most focused action possible in your job search. During an average week, we put more than 1,200 hours worth of work into our database. The cost of modifying our database runs well into seven figures on an annual basis. There are thousands of sources that we are using on an ongoing basis to update and modify our database. In terms of hiring contacts, there is no organization on earth with more contacts than Legal Authority. This is what we do, and we are the absolute best in the business.

Our Attorney Employment Advocates who assist you in compiling your individualized list of employers are all seasoned legal professionals. With only one exception, all of our Attorney Employment Advocates are attorneys. What's more, our professional writers have the experience necessary to help you create a resume and cover letter that will make the best impression possible on employers. It is exceedingly rare that an attorney has ever told us that our service did not work.

Legal Authority allows you to choose the direction and depth of your job search. Once you make the decision to work with Legal Authority, we will do our absolute best to ensure that you find the position you are seeking, whether it's in a law firm, corporation, public interest organization, law school, or government office. We are proud to make that promise to each of the attorneys we work with. The attorneys and law students Legal Authority assists know that we mean business and take our role in the legal profession extremely seriously.

We provide individual support and help to develop an individual job-search strategy for you.

When taking on a new client, the first thing our Attorney Employment Advocates will do is conduct an in-depth analysis and discussion of the candidate's accomplishments, goals, and career to date. This is an especially critical step for candidates who have recently been laid off by their firms. Losing a job can be one of the most difficult experiences an attorney will ever have to endure. The uncertainty that results often leads to frustration and panic, especially in trying economic times when legal jobs may not be abundant. How a candidates react to these life changes is of vital importance, and it's our job to help get them pointed in the right direction again.

We pride ourselves on the strong relationships we build with our candidates, and we work under our candidates' direction to help them succeed. To do so, we must get to know them and understand their needs.

Candidates are interviewed at length to determine:
  • Their strengths and how to capitalize on them
  • Their weaknesses and how to turn them into positive attributes
  • Their immediate goals
  • Their future goals
  • Where the candidate should be working (i.e., their ideal job)
  • Intriguing career alternatives
  • Salary expectations
  • What companies to target, and
  • The scope of their job search
Once our Attorney Employment Advocates get to know a particular client, we then perform extensive employer searches based on the client's specific criteria, needs, and objectives. From this we develop a precisely researched market of employers that is directly targeted to the candidate's particular job search.

Our professional writers then work with the candidate to create a targeted resume and cover letter that can then, in the process described in detail above, be sent directly to hiring contacts at the firms of his or her choice. All the candidate has to do is sign and mail each letter.

Even after offering each client such individualized attention, we do not stop there. We continue to contact clients on a weekly basis for three months after they have sent out their mailings to inquire about what interviews they have scheduled and what calls they have received. Whether you're a senior partner or still a law student, we will ask you to report every place you get an interview from. While your participation in our tracking is certainly optional, we believe this is a very effective method for gauging the results you're getting.


Legal Authority is made just for you.

Our mission is simple: to get attorneys jobs, to continue to improve the lives of our clients and their families, and to make a meaningful impact on the legal community. To those ends, we have developed the largest database of legal employer contacts on earth and employ a highly motivated team of Attorney Employment Advocates who connect attorneys with the employers matching their interests. In the coming years, Legal Authority looks forward to counseling and enthusiastically representing attorneys, making meaningful differences in the quality of their lives and advancing thousands of careers.

At Legal Authority, we firmly believe we are the most effective means anywhere for attorneys and law students to find in-house, law firm, public interest, and government positions. Virtually every day of the week, attorneys and law students get jobs using Legal Authority.

Legal Authority does not charge a placement fee.

Legal Authority does NOT charge placement fees to firms when you find a job using our services. Legal recruiting firms, on the other hand, will charge your new employer a massive fee — generally 25% of your annual salary — if you are hired. Not all firms are willing to pay these fees, and many hiring organizations — who are, after all, businesses — believe that the most attractive candidates are often those not coming through recruiting firms. Legal recruiting firms usually only deal with the small number of law firms or corporations willing to pay their fees, but Legal Authority can connect you with every employer that matches what you are seeking to do. In other words, using our services does not exclude those employers unwilling to pay placement fees, and more options lead to more job offers.

We offer an exclusive, members-only subscription that weeds out stray job surfers.

Given the fact that we require a paid subscription to view jobs on our site, we are able to limit the number of people viewing our jobs. By limiting the number of people looking at our jobs we are able to keep the number of people applying to jobs on our site down. By keeping the number of applications down, we make it much easier for you to find a job. This is a big part of the philosophy behind Legal Authority.

Sometimes what seems to be the downside to a particular method turns out, in reality, to be the upside. While a subscription to Legal Authority does require a job seeker to put up a small amount of cash, it is that very drawback that makes us an effective and worthwhile investment. Here at Legal Authority, we spend 99% of our efforts and resources on researching and updating job openings. That kind of work is not cheap. Imagine investing thousands of hours a day researching jobs yourself. Needless to say, that would be impossible. So, we do it for you.

And here's the key to our success: we work for the job seeker, not employers. We provide our subscribers with access to the maximum amount of jobs that we can, jobs that are not advertised anywhere else. And then, we limit who can search for jobs on our site. Not only do our researchers find jobs not posted anywhere else, but about 95% of jobseekers are weeded out because they do not wish to pay a fee for membership.

So in fact, the supposed downside of paying a membership fee becomes the sweet upside. Not only do you see all the jobs that no non-members can't see, but you are a member of a limited class of people as well. With Legal Authority, one of the primary hurdles to finding acceptable employment is largely overcome; competition is reduced from a formidable obstacle to something that is far more manageable.

After reducing competition, we give you yet another advantage: we work with you to tailor your application materials to specific employers and then target those employers.

So, you have several options. You can search job boards and hope that the perfect position will come along and then compete with everyone else, flooding the employer with resumes. You can try to find a recruiter with the job you want and hope that the employer the recruiter sends you to has 25% of your annual salary at its disposal to pay the recruiter. You could also subscribe to more than 100 legal directories and publications and hire 40 people to update this information for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week (which is what we do at Legal Authority). Or you could simply become a member of Legal Authority and take advantage of what we are capable of doing with our greater resources. Because thousands of attorneys use our service, the cost is profoundly cheaper than it would be were you to do the work yourself.

In most instances, the cost of using Legal Authority is around $2.00 per employer we help you contact, and our search can be as expansive or narrow as you choose. In addition, we verify the information we have before providing it to you, rewrite your resume and cover letter, and print them (together with envelopes) on high-quality paper addressed to the specific employers you choose before we ship them to you. Of course, we speak with attorneys on a daily basis who believe that they can do all of this work themselves, and if your time is only worth around $8.00 an hour (assuming it takes you 15 minutes to find each hiring contact, enter this information into a letter, proof each letter, and then print each resume, letter, and envelope), you have a staff of 40 people, you subscribe to more than 100 legal directories, and you have well in excess of $1,000,000 (just to build a database), then maybe you can do it yourself. But in all seriousness, isn't Legal Authority the simpler answer for all your job-search needs?

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- H.P., Chatham, N.J.

As a third-year law student, I tried marketing myself and got nowhere. I needed serious help to find a patent job, and my Career Services Office was useless. I used your company to send out 650 letter...
- Amy Z.

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