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"The most common means of obtaining a job was a letter or other "self-initiated contact" with the employer..."

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If You Can Register on Legal Authority You Can Get a Legal Job

A Message from Harrison Barnes

Getting a Job Is Ridiculously Easy if You Know What You Are Doing
-Students from unaccredited law schools getting multiple offers
-Over 30 interviews from a single mailing
-Drooler gets multiple job offers
-''What recession?!'' exclaims job seeker after job seeker
-Guy who looks like Charles Manson on a bad hair day turns down multiple interviews

I have been hearing so much talk about a tough legal job market lately I cannot believe it. People seem really afraid and the situation for some reason or another does not seem to be improving for many attorneys. In fact, it is getting worse. It is only getting worse because 99% of attorneys do not know how to look for jobs and just keep doing the same stupid things over and over.

I Have Gotten Legal Jobs for Tens of Thousands of Attorneys and Law Students and Can Do the Same for You Too.
What I can tell you, however, is that I can get you a job. How confident am I that I can get you a legal job? Just about 100% confident. If you can put on a suit and tie and walk into an interview and not act crazy, I am about 100% confident. I cannot believe some of the people I have gotten jobs. These people include:
  • A drooler,
  • People with ridiculous lisps,
  • Two transvestites (that I am aware of),
  • A guy who looks like Charles Manson on a bad hair day.
I am not sure where you fit in on the "weirdness" scale but I do not care. Like I said, I can get you a job unless you say really strange and inappropriate things in your interviews that scare the pants off of the interviewers.
If you have "kick-ass qualifications," I can probably get you more jobs than you would believe.

If you have "average qualifications," I can still get you numerous jobs.

If you have "lousy qualifications," I can still get you numerous jobs.
How do I know this? How can I make such preposterous claims? I know this because I know how to market attorneys and I know how to make the job market work for you and not against you - that's how. This is what I do. Some people are good at bowling. Others are good at paragliding. Whatever. I am good at getting attorneys jobs.

Why You Should Trust Me When I Say I Can Get You a Job - Obsessive Compulsive About Getting Attorneys and Law Students Jobs.
I have studied and dealt with getting attorneys and law students jobs for years and analyzed the legal job market from every single angle. I have had thousands of employees over the years who have worked for me, and I know what I am doing probably is better than anyone in the world when it comes to getting you a job as an attorney:

  • For over a decade, I have helped hundreds of thousands of attorneys and law students in their job searches.
  • I am 100% confident that my companies collectively get more jobs for attorneys than anyone else in the world.
  • I am a former law professor and many of my job-search methods were derived from helping my own students get jobs.
  • I am the Founder of legal recruiting firms such as BCG Attorney Search, Law Firm Staff, and others.
  • I am the Founder of the largest legal job board in the world, LawCrossing.
  • I am the Founder of the largest resume company in the world (Attorney Resume).
  • I am the Founder of the largest legal career marketing company in the world (Legal Authority).

I am not trying to impress you. I just want you to understand that I know what I am talking about.

If You Are Unemployed, Underemployed, or Not Working Where You Want, the Only Problem Is You Are Undermarketing Yourself. Period. There Is No Other Problem.

A couple of years ago I started a student loan company. Within a few years it was one of the largest student loan companies in the world. I would venture to say that this company was probably doing more student loans than 95% of the student loan companies in the United States. How did I do this?


I sent letters to everyone in the United States with a student loan and told them to refinance those student loans with me. It worked!

Sending letters to the right people and marketing always works. This is how every great business is built. All you need is a product and to start marketing it and lots of stuff starts to happen.

When I tell you about all of the great businesses I built, I am telling you about this for one reason: If I can build a big business, imagine what I can do for your career. I can put your legal career on an overdrive and get you a ton of freaking jobs if you follow my advice.

Incredibly, however, lots of attorneys, law students, and others think they know more about getting a legal job than me. That's fine.

When you turn on the television, people are marketing. When you listen to your radio, people are marketing. When you drive down the street and look at signs on the road, people are marketing.

No one buys anything and no one hires anyone usually unless there is some marketing. You need to market in order to sell anything. You cannot sell anything unless you are marketing. Marketing is what makes the world go around.

Legal Authority Turns Your Job Search Into an Out-of-This World Marketing Machine!
Legal Authority helps you market yourself. When you use Legal Authority, you become a proactive marketer and not one of those morons who sit around for days at a time applying to a job here and there.

When you use Legal Authority, stuff starts happening now and not later. When you use Legal Authority, you are taking action. You are moving from the job market acting on you to you acting on the market.

Legal Authority is a marketing machine and something that turns your job search upside down. Here is what we do at Legal Authority that really separates our efforts from other job-search methods:

  1. Legal Authority Interviews You at Length to Decide Which Practice Area, Which Geographic Location, and How Many Employers You Should Approach. You are 100% in charge of what is happening to you when you start looking for a job using Legal Authority. However, unlike other job-search methods you will spend some time speaking with one of our people to assist you with your search whose job is to get you a job. We call them "Employment Advocates" and their job is to understand what you want, what you hope to achieve, and assist you in crafting a campaign for your job search. You will discuss your goals and what is important to you. This is all we care about. We want to know how we can help you reach your objectives.

  2. Legal Authority Redoes Your Resume and Cover Letter and Assists You in Marketing Yourself. This is part of the package. How you present yourself and your product-"you"-is among the most important things in getting a job. People will not buy something if it does not look good. This is what we do for you when we package you.

  3. After Legal Authority Packages You, We Help You in Approaching the Largest Demographic of Employers Possible. After we have made you look like a "dynamite" candidate and highlighted all of your strengths and skills in the best way possible, we help you in approaching the largest demographic of employers possible. Your application materials are all printed and then sent to you-your letters and envelopes and redone resumes and everything you need for an incredible marketing package.

  4. You Wait for the Telephone Calls and Interviews to Come. How long does it usually take for interviews to come? If you are looking to work locally it could be as soon as the next day. It depends upon where you are looking. You can rest assured, however, that you will most likely be receiving calls and inquiries for months. This is just how it works and has always worked this way. This is your moment to shine and after using Legal Authority and sending all of your letters out, you will wonder why you never used the service to look for a job before. Everyone who uses Legal Authority always says that. They feel stupid for not having used the service before. The reason is because the service is like night and day from other job-search methods and really changes the playing field completely for job seekers. It will do the same for you too.

Legal Authority Is Not Really All That Special: All It Does Is Allow You to Market Yourself in an Effective Way.

You need to market yourself in order to get a job. This method of tracking down jobs works and it works incredibly well. Marketing is what sells things and you need to do everything within your power to market yourself when you are looking for a job.

Legal Authority's job is to make sure that you market yourself to the universe of employers you are most likely to work at. Our objective for you is to insure that every possible employer you could work for becomes aware of your candidacy at one time. Once this occurs everything rapidly begins to change. People who are aware you are in the market are much more likely to buy than if they are not aware of you at all.

Even If a Law Firm Does Not Have an Opening They Are Often Hiring.

I want to address one more thing briefly. Many people are under the incredibly naive and mistaken impression that the only law firms and other legal employers that are hiring are those that are advertising their jobs. This is one incredible statement to me and something that makes me want to barf when I hear people say this. I do not want to appear condescending but I am going to just go ahead and say this anyway:

  1. Law firms are businesses and bill by the hour;
  2. When a lawyer and a law firm has more work than they can handle this work often simply just does not get done;
  3. Lawyers are often too busy doing the work in front of them to be concerned about interviewing and hiring people, placing ads in legal publications, and so forth;
  4. Lawyers know that if they hire people then they can bill more hours and get more work done and make more money;
  5. Lawyers are flattered when people write to them directly seeking jobs because this rarely occurs and your application stands out when you write; and,
  6. Lawyers frequently bring people in whose applications just show up at their door.

Blah, blah, blah. I have written and spoken about this more times than I can remember. The point is that this works. It works for the glory and success of law students and job seekers everywhere and it works whether or not you are seeking a job in a law firm or elsewhere.

I cannot make you successful - you have to do this. I also cannot be the one who gets you a job. You need to do this. I can promise you, however, that there is huge risk to undermarketing yourself. If you do not market yourself you will not get anywhere.

I can help you market yourself better than anyone else in the world.

I want you to succeed and reach for the stars.

If you do not take the step to market yourself, however, nothing is going to happen.

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If You Can Register on Legal Authority You Can Get a Legal Job
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If You Can Register on Legal Authority You Can Get a Legal Job

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